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North American Powerlifting Federation


Male Athlete

Female Athlete



Fernando Baez (PUR)

Priscilla Ribic (USA)

Nestor Gregory (PUR)


Brad Gillingham (USA)

Giselle Costas (PUR)







Harold Milan (PUR)








Luis Tapia (PUR)

Malinda Baum (USA)









Dr. Larry Maile (USA)








Robert Massey (USVI)






Dr. Chris Calvano (USA)

Maria Luisa Vasquez (PUR)

Dr. Robert Keller (USA)




Dr. Hugo Velasquez (CRC)








William “Bill” Clayton (USA)








Michael Liccardi (USA)





2021   Rhaea Stinn (CAN) Mike Armstrong (CAN)
2022 Manolo Campos (CRC)   Bill Jamison (CAN)


Hall of Fame: There shall be an honorary body titled the "NAPF Hall of Fame". Its purpose shall be to honor those members who have made an outstanding contribution either by way of lifting achievement or service in general to the sport of powerlifting internationally. A maximum of three lifters and two, male and female, official may be elected to the Hall of Fame each year but with the added provision that not more than three from each gender may be elected in the same year. A certificate of achievement will be awarded. No one who has been involved in drug offences or has been suspended for a doping offence shall be proposed to Hall of Fame. Any lifter or official previously awarded Hall of Fame will lose this distinction if suspended by IPF for doping or any other violation.

The NAPF Executive decides prior to the NAPF General Assembly, after having received bids from the member nations, whom will be awarded Hall of Fame. The appointed person(s) will be honored at the Congress and at the Awards Banquet.


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